Create and publish
interactive 3D content online
with Sophie 3D engine
Flash Component
and Actionscript
July 18, 2011
realization by: Nicolas Lorut - car configurator
June 01, 2011
realization by:
Eurocopter - Paint configurator
January 01, 2011
realization by:
June 01, 2011
realization by:
Sun Odyssey 44DS
January 01, 2011
realization by:
January 01, 2011
realization by:
Photoviva - iPhone Cover Maker
Frequently Asked Questions

Do people who visit my site need to download and install Sophie 3D player to view my published content ?
No, 3D models are seen in Adobe's Flash Player and this web browser plugin comes pre-installed in the operating system of most computers. They will need to have the latest version of Flash, currently Version10, running on their computers.

Can I use Sophie 3D on my website ?
Sophie 3D Component is free to download and use on the condition that it is not used for commercial purposes and that the logo "Sophie 3D Engine" and all the other graphic elements are in no way hidden or modified.

What is Sophie 3D Pro ?
Sophie 3D Component Pro is a special version of Sophie 3D. With it you can publish your 3D content without the "Sophie 3D Logo" placed within the 3D scene. It also includes the Sophie 3D Compressor  that can reduce the size of your models by about 75%. For example a model file of 1Mb will be compacted to a file of 250Kb. This lossless compression format will provide some simple protection for your models and speed up loading times.

Can I Use the Sophie 3D Component for commercial use?
No, you cannot use the free Sophie 3D Component for a commercial website.
If you want to show models on a commercial website (and without the Sophie3D logo)
you will need to buy Sophie 3D Component Pro.