Create and publish
interactive 3D content online
with Sophie 3D engine
Flash Component
and Actionscript
July 18, 2011
realization by: Nicolas Lorut - car configurator
June 01, 2011
realization by:
Eurocopter - Paint configurator
January 01, 2011
realization by:
June 01, 2011
realization by:
Sun Odyssey 44DS
January 01, 2011
realization by:
January 01, 2011
realization by:
Photoviva - iPhone Cover Maker
Preparing your Flash Project 3D for Sophie 3D Engine


To start using the Sophie 3D engine for Flash Player dowload an example and modify it.

The important things that you will need are:

1) The Sophie 3D Flash Component in the Flash Library of your Flash Project
2) A simple actionscript code to set the scene 3D properties.
3) The "trace view Button" to set the default view ( or more views ) of your loaded scene.
This Button is an utility that traces, when clicked, the "setView" command into the output panel.
From the output panel you can copy the traced command and paste it into the first frame of your Flash Project.
  ( see the downloaded examples ).

Instancing Sophie3D into your Flash project with Actionscript 3.0

To instance Sophie3D inside your Flash project you need to import the necessary packages

import xosLibrary.toolkit3D.Sophie3D;

After that, you can create an instance of Sophie 3D 

var sophie3d : Sophie3D = new Sophie3D_v4();

sophie3d.createScene( 980 , 420 );

addChild( sophie3d );

Now you can load your obj model file into the Sophie 3D scene with this code

sophie3d.loadScene(  'model/myScene.obj'  );

To manage the complete model load event you have to create a function listener.

addEventListener( XOS_Scene3DEvent.SCENE_LOADED , onSceneLoaded );

function onSceneLoaded( event:
addEventListener( Event.ENTER_FRAME, renderScene ); // add the renderScene event listener 

// render scene on ENTER_FRAME event
function renderScene( _e : Event ):void
sophie3d.renderScene(); // render the scene 

To change the camera view you have to get the Camera object from the scene.

var camera3D : Object = sophie3d.getCamera();

Now you can set the camera view

camera3D.setView( -0.2461, 0.0478, 0.1127, -2.0085, 174.2431, -2.6593 ); 

Compiling the Flash Project

When you run the Fash project the "output panel" shows you information on the data that sophie 3D has found
into the obj or dae file of your 3D scene.

output panel